Da 'n' Dill - The Showbag Years

A new book collecting the entire run of my Da 'n' Dill comic book lead stories and covers has been in the works for years and is out now through Milk Shadow Books. For decades, a visit to the Show often resulted in a showbag, which usually contained cheap plastic novelties, weird-tasting chocolate, sherbet bombs and sometimes a comic book. That comic would’ve probably been a ‘Phantom’ or a ‘Batman’, but then something strange happened in 1991… Comics began appearing in the bags that didn’t look like anything anyone had seen before. Instead of funny animals or super heroics, there were stories about insane children in animal masks digging up public parks, sewing people together or burying each other alive at the beach. These comics were called ‘Da ‘n’ Dill’ and kids loved them (and hid them under the bed when they were finished). Now, for the first time, all seven issues of Dillon Naylor’s cult Da ‘n’ Dill showbag comics have been reshot from original art and collected, along with unpublished pages, sketches and notes. Stock will be popping up in stores over time or order online through the Madman Entertainment site.