Apco Joe.

A cartoon character for the Apco service station chain. It appears as posters, point of sale displays and semi-animated cartoons. My model sheet drawings were used to create an oversized foam suit which gave me the chance to finally meet one of my own characters face to face.

Recent book illustrations for a children's detective series



(From the book introduction)

In 1990 I landed the plum job of producing new material for a showbag company - two comics per year. They were printed in very large numbers and included in the sample bags available at various Royal Shows, fetes and fairs for unsuspecting children to read on the ride home while finishing the last of the sherbet. 

When it came to do the next two comics for 1992, I had instructions to make one of the comics more suitable for girls this time, so it forced me to create something I probably wouldn't have normally.

Being a big fan of musical fantasy films 'The Wizard Of Oz' and books like 'Alice In Wonderland', 'Rupert The Bear' annuals and anything by Enid Blyton, I had an idea to create something similar in comic form. Deliberately old-fashioned in style with a moralistic undertone (without being too cheesy) and with breaks for songs that you could make up your own melody to.

As it sometimes happens with moments of inspiration, I sat down one hot summer day and the entire draft of the story poured out in one long sitting, including sketches of characters. I used an existing character from my earlier comics, Penni Coffeeground as the protaganist along with a kind of dream-powered spaceship called The Ovoid which would be used in many further stories..

Tales from The Ovoid' #1 - '(Lil') Penni In Vegetaria'  finally appeared mid 1992 as a roughly A4 sized, black and white interior comic on cheap pulp paper. I was relieved when hundreds of fan mail letters poured in from girls (and some boys) describing the parts they liked best and drawings of the characters. 

In 2001, 'Penni in Vegetaria' was coloured by Greg Gates and digitally relettered to run in a 'K-Zone' magazine bumper issue at a reduced digest size. This is the version presented here.

In 2002, I did an unofficial sequel of sorts in 'K-Zone's sister title, 'Total Girl' magazine, entitled 'Rock 'n' Roll Fairies'. A serialised comic strip that reprises Penni in a strange land with weird characters and song lyrics.

I'm proud to have the chance to see this work back into print now for a new generation of readers and hope it still has the 'timeless charm and whimsy' I was aiming for.


A new 225 page book collection of my work is finally published. This is some of the preliminary drawing and design process through to final cover. and this is a early concept for the same cover (which ended up on the back cover.)


Da 'n' Dill - The Showbag Years

A new book collecting the entire run of my Da 'n' Dill comic book lead stories and covers has been in the works for years and is out now through Milk Shadow Books. For decades, a visit to the Show often resulted in a showbag, which usually contained cheap plastic novelties, weird-tasting chocolate, sherbet bombs and sometimes a comic book. That comic would’ve probably been a ‘Phantom’ or a ‘Batman’, but then something strange happened in 1991… Comics began appearing in the bags that didn’t look like anything anyone had seen before. Instead of funny animals or super heroics, there were stories about insane children in animal masks digging up public parks, sewing people together or burying each other alive at the beach. These comics were called ‘Da ‘n’ Dill’ and kids loved them (and hid them under the bed when they were finished). Now, for the first time, all seven issues of Dillon Naylor’s cult Da ‘n’ Dill showbag comics have been reshot from original art and collected, along with unpublished pages, sketches and notes. Stock will be popping up in stores over time or order online through the Madman Entertainment site.



Musics Fascinating Fun Facts
Text by Nick Peterson - illustrated by Dillon Naylor
ISBN-10: 0170211258  ISBN-13: 9780170211253

Music’s Fascinating Fun Facts is a collection of amazing and amusing insights and trivia about music and the world around it. I was commissioned to do 90 new illustrations for this book which has now been published and looks really cool. Please check this out, if you are so inclined.




Between 2001 and 2008 the Da 'n' Dill strip ran every Sunday in the Sydney Sun Herald comic section.


Pru and Con (2009)
Australian MAD Magazine

Da 'n' Dill 'Voodoo You Think You are Kidding' 2001

Rock 'n' Roll Fairies (Total Girl magazine.)

Pop Culture And 2 Minute Noodles #6

The Fireballs #1

Penni In Vegetaria